Everyday Excitement

Hullloooooooo, Internets! I’ve been away from you for-lemme check-3 days ohmygoodness! Allow me to explain. 🙂 If you read my post at GNMParents (now Forever Parenting) you know that the boys were gone last week. The older boys went to Scout Camp and the youngers went to Camp Grandma. Did I mention that here? I […]

2 Years

Two years ago today, I put up my very first blog post. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been typing out stories and thoughts for that long, but the archives don’t lie. So there you have it. Who would have thought I’d stick with something that long? I just checked and there are 305 posts […]

You May Now Call Me a Mother Hen

Apparently our little chickies are operating on a different calendar than me. Based on when we put the eggs into the incubator, they should have hatched last Thursday. Allowing for 2 days beyond that, Saturday was the last day that we could consider them viable and expect any babies. I had completely given up and […]

I Think I Killed the Chickens

Sigh. This year in science we studied the human body, plants, and animals. SOMEone thought it would be a fantastic idea to hatch chickens as a school project. I haven’t mentioned it yet because, well, I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out. At this point, I’m a bit pessimistic. We ordered 30 […]