Ways To Find Comfort After Your Divorce

Going through a divorce is a lonely period involving a lot of changes. It can be extremely difficult to deal with the emotional loss of living with a spouse, and can be overwhelming to split assets and end the marriage when confusing legal jargon jumps out around ever corner. But there are many ways to […]

5 Tips to Help Kids Recover Quickly After Sports Injury

When kids get engaged with sports of any kind, there is a high likelihood that they will experience an injury at some point in time. Helping them to recover as quickly as possible requires having the right approaches under your belt that have been proven to bring them back to full strength as fast as […]

How Social Workers Can Aid the Families of Addicts

Struggling with an addiction is massive strain on more than an individual; it feeds into a cycle of stress and heartbreak that deeply impacts the lives of everyone in that person’s vicinity. This is why treatment has to extend beyond addict; an addict’s family needs as much support as he does, and when families aren’t […]

Ken Druck’s Real Rules of Life Offers a Solid Dose of Reality

Hey, I’ve been reading a new book! It’s called The Real Rules of Life, by Ken Druck. The author is actually a Doctor, and he’s got a lot to say. After losing a 21-year-old daughter in a car accident in 1996, Dr. Druck began a journey that so many parents suffer. He lost pretty much […]

Art Therapy for ADHD and Anxious Children

Raising children is hard enough, but raising children with ADHD and anxiety problems can be downright nerve-wracking. We simply aren’t taught how to communicate with a child who has such difficulties, since adults often gradually move away from the mindset of children and struggle to connect with kids who are anxious or have ADHD. Luckily, […]