Building a Better Student: Empathy

Have you ever watched a child struggle with a homework assignment or a school project? They sit at the table and grimace, one hand supporting their head while the other flips through a lesson that they don’t understand. Sometimes you get exasperated, and you want to say, “How can you not get this? It’s so […]

How to Help Your Child Become More Independent

Even though parents would sometimes prefer it if their child remained under their wing forever, they know that at one point kids have to grow up and set out in the world on their own. While this moment is anticipated with great fear and apprehension, it is also one of the proudest moments that we […]

EmergencyLink Announces New Facebook App, Give Away

I told you about EmergencyLink in a post last year, and I learned from them a couple of weeks ago that they have added a new Facebook app. It’s even easier than ever to manage medical details in an emergency! To recap, EmergencyLink is a service that will call emergency contacts and relay critical medical […]

4 Tricks to Get Your Kids to Help Around the House

Nobody likes chores and everyone has that one chore they refuse to do. Whether it’s cleaning the bathroom toilets or folding laundry, somebody has to do it. Even as adults we struggle to get them done, so that’s why it’s so important to start your children early by giving them tasks to help out. Here […]

Ken Druck’s Real Rules of Life Offers a Solid Dose of Reality

Hey, I’ve been reading a new book! It’s called The Real Rules of Life, by Ken Druck. The author is actually a Doctor, and he’s got a lot to say. After losing a 21-year-old daughter in a car accident in 1996, Dr. Druck began a journey that so many parents suffer. He lost pretty much […]

Where do I Fit In? Helping Plan Your Son or Daughter’s Wedding

It’s a familiar trope in modern cinema. A couple gets engaged and suddenly they’re forced to deal with an overbearing set—or two!—of parents trying to hone in on planning every last detail of the ceremony. It’s been retread often enough that it tends to give real-life parents of grooms and brides-to-be a complex about offering […]