Separating Talent from Behavior

My father was a career military man who lived and preached discipline. It’s tough when you’re a kid – especially when your friends are running around wild – but you really appreciate it once you become an adult. One of the most important lessons I learned from my dad didn’t sink in until many years […]

Hero In Parenting: City Chic On A Farm

One of the great things about the Heroes In Parenting program is highlighting heroes, and I’m super proud of today’s nominee: Sherry Martz. (She has no idea that I’m putting her up for this. Heh, heh, heh.) I met Sherry a couple of years ago at a conference and we recently went to the BlissDom […]

Heroes In Parenting:
An Initiative is Revived

Longtime readers will remember that HIP program that I undertook in 2009. HIP stands for Heroes In Parenting. With all the depressing news that surrounds us, I really felt the need to highlight people who are doing good things with their kids. Here we are 2 years later, and we’re still surrounded by some pretty […]

RIP SuperHero Pajamas

It was inevitable. There was no way to stop a day like this from happening. After all, boys grow. Fabric wears out. No way to stop that. Uh-uh, no-how. The superhero jammies first appeared in our family back in 2001, if I recall correctly. That was the Halloween I discovered that pajamas are cheaper than […]

Visiting Grandpa

Caregivers are heroes. I just spent several days with my grandfather and his wife. Her name’s Anne. She’s my grandmother by marriage, so I’ve always called her by her first name. No disrespect has ever been intended…it’s just that I remember my biological grandma, and Anne has just always been Anne to me. I didn’t […]