5 Major Reasons Teens Drop Out of High School

Although attaining a high school diploma can be one of the most significant life experiences that an individual has, many people never experience it as a result of their decision to drop out. Throughout America, teens drop out of high school and pursue lives that are fundamentally divorced from the world of education and the […]

Seeing the Future

Excerpted from Smart Is Cool, to be published in 2013, by Dom Testa We can emphasize the benefits of academic achievement to today‚Äôs students by teaching the fine art of visualization. In other words, show them the future. Young people are so focused on the here and now that they often ignore the consequences of […]

Study Shows Only 25% of Students are Ready for College

Chances are you’ve taken or at least heard of the ACT: a test most colleges expect high school students to take. ACT test scores can indicate whether a student is likely to earn a certain grade in first-year college courses. According to a study they published recently, only 25% of students who take the test […]