Hero In Parenting: Warrior Mama

It’s been far too long since we had a Hero In Parenting nominee. Totally my fault! I took down the contact form to make some changes and got distracted and wandered off. But we’re back! Hooray! After you read about our fantastic Hero Mom, check out my announcement at the end of the post. Sherry […]

Hero In Parenting: City Chic On A Farm

One of the great things about the Heroes In Parenting program is highlighting heroes, and I’m super proud of today’s nominee: Sherry Martz. (She has no idea that I’m putting her up for this. Heh, heh, heh.) I met Sherry a couple of years ago at a conference and we recently went to the BlissDom […]

A Big Welcome to My BlissDom Buddies!

Hello, new friend! I met so many wonderful women at BlissDom ’11; my heart is full and I’m so awed to have met you and had a chance to chat this week. Thank you for stopping by the blog! If you’re looking for the Heroes In Parenting project, you’re in the right place. On the […]

Heroes in Parenting, June 2009

Okay. I know it’s not June anymore. Can you pretend with me that it is? I actually picked all the nominees in June, just got behind on posting. And all these parents are definitely HIP. MommyTwinGirls is rethinking her policy about children watching TV. I laughed when I read this post! How many of us […]

Heroes In Parenting, May 2009

Well hello! Did you think I forgot the Heroes In Parenting (HIP) project? Nope! Not me. Uh-uh. We’re going to try doing this monthly, and see how that goes. Oh! And please see the end for a New Development in the HIP project. Amanda from Tumble Dry writes a beautiful post about her daughter’s transition […]

Heroes In Parenting, 4th Edition

Time to celebrate more parents! Yay. In case you’re new to Earnest Parenting, the HIP project is all about highlighting some good news for a change. Mommy Needs Coffee wrote this week about the amazing gift that is her daughter. BooMama played some video games with her son and proved that she’s cool and a […]