MADD: How Mothers Against Drunk Driving Got Its Start

The MADD organization has been recognized world wide and referenced by many lawyers as one of the first movements that was formed specifically by mothers to punish this widespread crime. The group started small, namely with two courageous women. This is their story. Trying Beginnings On May 3, 1980, a bubbly thirteen year old girl […]

Is Something Missing? 6 Things You Should Know When You Adopt

Today, family units come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Adoption has become an ever more significant initiative as major world issues escalate the number of children who are in need of a loving, stable home to have any chance at a bright future. Despite the deeply altruistic intentions of adoption, the reality is sometimes […]

A Look at How Teaching Methods Have Changed

I thought you might enjoy a look at how some things in education have changed over the past hundred years. Image source: Earnest Parenting: help for parents who are thinking about education.