Leaving Your Kids In Charge For The First Time: 5 Tips For A Smooth Experience

The idea of allowing your children to stay home alone can cause you to be anxiety ridden, but there are considerations to make and suggestions to take to make the experience smooth for everyone involved. As you make your decision, remember that 12 is the rule of thumb age when most adults feel safe leaving […]

Home Security: Is it time to Leave Your Kids in Charge?

There are quite a few examples in the news of people’s homes being broken into. While it is horrible to think of someone breaking into your house and stealing your valuables, it’s an even more horrific thought that someone could break into your house when you or your loved ones are home. Often such scenarios […]

On Their Own: 5 Things to do Before Leaving Your Kids for the Weekend

You and your spouse are going away for the weekend, your kids are going to be on their own for the first time, and you are worried about what could happen. Here are some steps to take to protect your family, and make sure they are going to be safe. Your Situation Different states have […]