Home Security: Is it time to Leave Your Kids in Charge?

There are quite a few examples in the news of people’s homes being broken into. While it is horrible to think of someone breaking into your house and stealing your valuables, it’s an even more horrific thought that someone could break into your house when you or your loved ones are home. Often such scenarios […]

5 Easy and Affordable Ways to Increase Your Home’s Security

In a time when most homeowners are concerned with their family’s safety, creating a secure environment is an absolute must. For those people who are keeping an eye on their budget, there are 5 affordable ways to increase any home’s security. Lighting While this may seem like an obvious suggestion, it’s often the most overlooked. […]

How to Have Home Security on a Budget

If you’ve ever felt envious of the kind of home security systems with multiple cameras viewed from one flat screen inside the home, you don’t have to be anymore. You can get home security systems on a budget and enjoy a sense of security. Even if your home security budget is small, you can still […]

A Parent’s Checklist for Leaving a Child Home Alone

At some point in every parent’s life, they will leave their child or children alone. This is a huge step mentally and physically, because it represents the period when the training wheels come off. All of the parenting up to that point comes into play as children are left to fend for themselves (at least […]

Keeping An Eye on Kids Through Home Safety Systems

As parents one of our most important jobs is to keep our children safe.  Keeping them safe means different things at different ages.  When they are babies and small children we use safety gates, car seats, toilet latches, and life jackets.  As they grow the ways in which we keep them safe change, as do […]