Homeschooling Doesn’t Mean Your Kids Always Stay at Home

Heroes, one of the weakest arguments against homeschooling is the socialization argument. For some reason, the idea has taken hold that kids who aren’t learning inside of a traditional school building are somehow cut off from society as a whole. Which is silly. I would argue that the vast majority of homeschooled kids get more […]

The Many Developments of Home Schooling in the USA

Home schooling in the USA has evolved rapidly since it first came to widespread public attention, after many years of being limited mainly to rural areas. With an estimated two million or more home-schooled students across the USA, it’s still a minority, but it’s a significant percentage of the school-aged population. Many states are in […]

Homeschooling – A Smarter Way to Educate your Child

In the United Kingdom, each and every parent ensures that their child gets quality education right from the kindergarten days. In fact, families are now focusing more on making their children pursue schooling right from their homes. This has popularized homeschooling through the entirety of England which has currently become a happening trend for career […]

Homeschooling Is on the Rise

I haven’t mentioned our homeschooling experiences and plans of late. You may recall that TechnoBoy went to public school last fall for the 8th grade. He did pretty well, and now The Mercenary is planning to join him for 9th grade next fall. I’m super excited for both boys; I think they’ll have a great […]

Your Complaints Do Not Move Me, Young Grasshopper

Still working on the school frustration thing. I talked with Hubby about it and he mentioned that the fact that the older boys don’t have desks to work at bugs him a little. They love to lay on the floor to do their work. I do too, so it’s hard for me to insist on […]

Life is Better When the RIGHT People are Angry

I don’t remember if I have told you lately about my frustration levels. They’ve been rather high. We started school almost 4 weeks ago, and it took me all of 2 days to announce that this is the last year I’m planning to keep the older boys at home. On top of that, I gave […]