Christian Kids: Raising an Honest and Responsible Child

As a Christian parent, it’s natural to want to raise your kids to respect God, parents, and authority. But raising an honest and responsible kid can be a real challenge in a culture where parents seem to swing between the two extremes of authoritarian and permissive. Here are a few tips that will help you […]

Teach Your Children to be Honest

How many times have you gotten the wrong change back at the store? If it is in your favor do you complain as much as you do when you get short changed? You may not think that your children even notice things like this but you would be surprised how aware they are. My children […]

Do You Lie to Your Kids?

I ran across a fascinating article on how much parents lie to their children, even while teaching their kids that lying is wrong. Turns out lots of people do this, and the researchers called it Pinocchio Parenting. The whole thing was quite an eye-opener to me, as I hadn’t considered all the possible situations in […]

Do You Keep Your Promises to Your Kids?

I was randomly watching a morning news program several months ago and saw an interview with Stephen Covey that fascinated me. He was talking about building relationships with children, and the specific point he made was to never break a promise. “No sweat,” I thought to myself. I don’t have a problem in this area. […]

Disclosure Policy

I started this site because I want to share my funny stories and the lessons I’ve learned so far on this journey, and also because I want to use the site to earn some extra income. That being said, below is my official disclosure policy.. This policy is valid from 21 August 2007 This blog […]