Building a Better Student: Nurturing the Abnormal

He ran into the living room with his head completely wrapped in a towel, leaving only a tiny opening through which to see. At four years old, he displayed the spirit and restlessness that comes naturally at his age. On this particular afternoon he was in the care of his aunt, a good-hearted and practical […]

Building A Better Student: The Idea Tree

The question has become an inside joke amongst writers who visit schools and speak to students about the craft. Every writer has been asked hundreds of times, to the point where we’ve each now perfected an answer. Where do you get your ideas? It’s a question with an almost magical quality in the minds of […]

The Gift of Boredom

Some friends of mine stopped by the house, and we sat in my living room for about fifteen minutes, chatting. They had their seven year old with them, a little boy who once would have been described as “precocious.” While the adults caught up, the son sat on the couch, kicking his feet and staring […]

School’s Out. What Now? Three Wallet-Friendly Activities to do With Your Kids

Remember when you were a kid and June came? School let out and you were on your own. Your mom told you to “use your imagination” and “find something to do.” You did – for a few weeks. Then boredom set in. But at least once a summer, your parents probably arranged something really fun […]

Create a Fun Playroom for Your Child

If you have the space in your house, your children will love the idea of having their own playroom. Having a playroom doesn’t mean that you can’t play with your children elsewhere in the house, nor that the child can’t, for instance, sit at the kitchen table and draw while you cook. However, it does […]