Great Home Improvements That Even A Busy Mom Can Do

Anyone who owns a home, or even rents an apartment, envisions improving their dwelling place to make it more accommodating to their particular likes and dislikes. However, when you’re busy with kids, getting those improvements done can be time-consuming and costly. Our article below covers five home improvement projects that even a busy Mom can […]

A New Resolution: Addition, Not Subtraction

There’s something about the calendar flipping over to a new year that motivates people to attempt personal overhauls. Some declare that they’ll stop smoking or that they’ll drop twenty pounds; others promise that they’ll cut back on time devoted to television or electronic gadgets. Of course, come February 1st millions of Americans will commiserate together […]

Make the World Better with the Positive Pledge

Improving the planet is always a wonderful thing, and doing it by being a better person is even…better. Enter the Positive Pledge. Created by Jon Gordon, it’s a simple promise that you make to be positive. Here are the first two lines of the pledge: I pledge to be a positive person and positive influence […]

Help Your Child Like Their Least Favorite Subject

When children develop passions about school subjects, it is a moment of both pride and comfort for the parent. Encouraging a child to flourish in their favorite subject is one of the greatest joys of parenting, and can expand a child’s talents exponentially. Unfortunately not every subject can be a favorite, or even tolerated. These […]

Working Towards Balance

[begin somber voice-over]As the pendulum swings…these are the days of our lives.[end voice-over] Ever feel like you live your life swinging from one extreme to another? It’s maddening, isn’t it? I don’t like extremes much. Absolutes are fine, but extremes I avoid. Schooling the older boys in particular has not been easy over the years. […]

Humble is a Good Pie Flavor

Perhaps the boys aren’t the only ones with negative baggage about school. Well.  If you were following the comments to my post about frustrating days last week, you’ll see some very wise words from Stu.  To get the whole thing, read the comments and also his article which I really appreciate.   Thanks for taking the […]