UCP WORK Needs Your Help to Continue Great Programming

UCP WORK Inc. is a charity that provides unique and important services to more than 600 individuals (from kids to seniors) with varying disabilities. They have several different outreaches. One of them is the Children’s Community Integration Program (CCIP). This program offers fully staffed field trips such as therapeutic horseback riding, whale watching, children’s theatre, […]

Parenting Practical Kids: How and Why to Raise Kids to Thrive Without Technology

(Editor’s note: Today’s post comes from Maxine who has a great challenge for all parents. Thanks, Maxine!) With the convenience that technology gives us, we are almost always tempted to rely on gadgets for everything we do. But while technological innovations have helped humankind to improve their standards of living, a number of these gadgets […]

Do You Tell Your Children They’re Stupid?

I’ve written before about the Love and Logic books and how I have tried to implement the strategies in my own parenting. Have you read any of the books yet? You should try it…you may like it! A strategy that I’ve got down cold is the questioning to resolve conflict technique. I’ve talked my way […]