Building A Better Student: These Kids These Days

At one point, you were the youngest person on Earth. That’s kind of wild, isn’t it? So it’s funny when we realize how much we sound like our parents – or our grandparents – if we utter something like, “Well, these kids these days . . .” Although it almost seems natural to automatically assume […]

The Mind-Bending Future of Computer Science

As a person who grew up with techy parents, married a programmer, and now does a lot of technical stuff herself, this infographic was fascinating. Enjoy! Source:

Building a Better Student: Nurturing the Abnormal

He ran into the living room with his head completely wrapped in a towel, leaving only a tiny opening through which to see. At four years old, he displayed the spirit and restlessness that comes naturally at his age. On this particular afternoon he was in the care of his aunt, a good-hearted and practical […]