Adolescent Apps: What you Need to Know About Your Tweeting, Snapchatting, Instagramming Teen

Technology’s moving so fast now, it’s easy for parents to be left out of the loop with their kids’ online interactions. Just when you think you’ve touched every base with your teen about the dangers of social networking, the same old problems find new potentials to incur damage. Although social networking’s extremely useful, the associated […]

How Teens Are Using the Internet

The World Wide Web has got every single piece of information a person could want; teens can search for all different types of information. It also creates a chance to visit sexual or adult websites for the teenagers which is harmful for them. Different services of the internet like chat rooms and instant messaging services […]

Understanding the Threats Children Face on the Internet

Most adults can still remember a time before personal computers and the communication technology made life far more convenient. Along with the greater convenience brought by computers and other internet devices, there are also many new dangers. Identity theft, hacked bank accounts, scam mails, and the chance of losing all the precious data stored on […]