Blue Nile Knows How to Spoil Moms with Jewelry (Give Away!)

Back when I was in high school (ages and AGES ago) I was pretty doggone good at dressing nicely, fixing my hair and makeup, and wearing jewelry to match. I wouldn’t say I managed to be stylish (that was never a skill), but I did manage to be put together. I had a very nice […]

A Note to my Sons: How to Spoil Your Mom on Mother’s Day

Dear Sons, As we approach the annual holiday known in the US as “Mother’s Day” I thought I would take a few minutes to reflect on the importance of the day (and the benefits you can reap if you celebrate it…properly). According to Wikipedia, Mother’s Day is a holiday meant to celebrate mothers and motherhood.  […]

Charm Bracelets Can Build Family Ties

When I was young, my mom gave me a sterling silver charm bracelet. I remember her getting me various charms over a couple of years before we stopped. It’s funny, I hadn’t even thought about that bracelet in decades, but an offer to give away a modern bracelet brought it to mind. The bracelet I […]