Creators of Wonki Wands Say You Can Make Giant Bubbles

Who among us doesn’t enjoy blowing bubbles with the kids? No one? I didn’t think so. I have had some great times with bubbles. Between the dog who leaps over and over again to snap the bubbles, to a son who in 11 years still hasn’t managed to avoid spilling the bottle, to the fantastic […]

Listen to Your Kids AND Music With Sound Band

Heroes, I was pretty interested when I learned about the Kickstarter campaign for Sound Band. Imagine a headset that allows you to listen to your personal audio AND your kids at the same time! Sound Band will do just that. It doesn’t use speakers. Rather, the earpieces fit over the outer ear and transmit the […]

Innovative Bedding Could Make Managing Kids’ Sheets Easier

I was contacted recently by Nate Bradshaw, on behalf of the StayMade bedding system for kids. As Nate reminded me, there are several difficulties that parents face with kids’ beds. First, just keeping the bed made. Who among us hasn’t had the “make your bed” conversation? A lot? Secondly, lots of kids are wild sleepers […]