Kids on the Go: 5 Ways to Make Traveling with Children Stress-free

Traveling with kids is a whole different experience from traveling with adults. While the sights may be the same, the experience is completely changed. Rather than obsessing about catching every attraction or packing every toy, use these helpful tips for a fun family getaway: Slow Down For jet-setting parents, five cities in two weeks may […]

Keeping The Kids Busy This Summer: 6 Projects That Help Everyone

Summer arrives faster than you might want it to, and children look for something to do while at home. Why not make this summer one where you do projects that help others instead of doing the same things day after day? There are plenty of activities that you can do as a family that don’t […]

Five Things to Discuss With Your Partner Before Starting a Family

Families are forever, so be smart about how you begin yours. No one truly realizes how starting a family will affect their lives until it happens, but it is a good idea to enter parenthood with your eyes wide open. Here are five topics you need to discuss with your partner before starting a family. […]

Take Home That Blue Ribbon: 5 Science Projects That Really Wow

Science experiments are a wonderful way to engage children in active learning. Whether you are looking for a new ideas for a school project or just a fun summer project to inspire the kids. Here, we consider five great science projects: 1) Put Gravity to the Test! What? Penny, 1-inch wide strip of stiff paper […]

Kids Want A Trampoline This Summer? 6 Must Knows Before Making The Purchase

Trampolines are a great way for kids to get exercise and spend time outdoors. But before you make the purchase, there are some important considerations. Read on for six things to think about before you buy a trampoline for your kids this summer. 1. Does Your Home Insurance Cover Trampolines? For most homeowner’s insurance, you […]

5 Life Lessons Your Child Will Learn From Owning A Pet

Owning a pet is a great way to develop a bond with an animal, regardless of whether you have a love for dogs, cats, rabbits or even hamsters. If you have a child that wants to become an owner of a pet themselves, there are a few life lessons they are likely to learn throughout […]