Monday Giveaway Linky: The Well-Rested Edition

Good Monday, Heroes! I usually try very hard to get this linky published on Sunday evening. However, I was very tired this weekend. Very. Tired. And so? I did not turn on the computer. I did, however, sleep a lot. This is a good thing. Even though now I am sorely late with the linky. […]

Monday Give Away Linky, Epic Fail Edition

So whoops. It’s already Tuesday. I’m sorry about missing the linky yesterday, and for the second week in a row! I will get back on track this coming week, I promise. Essentially, LOTS has been going on behind the scenes. We just finished up an 8-week stretch of insanity in which 4 separate sports schedules […]

Parenting Help: Teach Your Kids to Calculate their ROI

So. Today I got pretty mad at the boys and did some scolding. Okay, maybe it was yelling. Every now and again, they need me to get their attention. I believe I accomplished that today. Plus I blew off some steam. Anyhow. After the yelling calmed down, it occurred to me to teach the boys […]