Love is Not a Feeling

So Monday nights are Scout nights. We’ve been participating in Scouts (Cubs first, then Boy) since the older guys were in second grade. That would be….11 years now. It has almost always been a struggle to get them to participate. I know that some people are asking: Well then, why would you push it? Because […]

5 Pros and Cons to Bringing a Pet into Your Home

Bringing a pet into your home is a huge step that should not be taken hastily or lightly. Deciding to take care of another living thing is a big responsibility. Consider for a moment some pros and cons of getting a pet. Disadvantages of Owning a Pet 1. A New Financial Responsibility In addition to […]

Family Matters: How to Deal with Your Kids Acting Out After Your Divorce

Your kids are smarter than you might think. They pick up on the cues around them, and they hear the fights that you and your spouse have, but that doesn’t mean that they’ll be happy when you announce your upcoming divorce. Divorce takes a huge emotional toll on a family, parents and children included. It […]

Family: Being There for One Another

I was thinking about something the other day about my kids and all the mistakes I made when they were young. They never said a word; they just kept on loving me even though I was not perfect. Children have that ability built right in for unconditional love whereas sometimes we as adults lose that […]

i And the Great Divide Helps Kids Deal With Divorce

It’s getting common here at Earnest Parenting to get requests from authors to review their book. I got another such request recently from Fiona McGlynn, the author of i And the Great Divide. Boy am I glad I got to read this book! It is truly wonderful, and I loved every bit of it. i […]

Happy Mother’s Day!

My boys helped make this video. It made me cry.