Monday Giveaway Linky: Painted Hands Edition

Good Monday, Heroes! I type to you right now with all sorts of interesting black splotches on my hands. Splotches that will, most likely, stay on my hands for a week or more. It’s a longish story. See, my brother-in-law came to visit from Florida. He flew into the city closest to us, so Hubby […]

Five Messes your Kids Might Make and How to Clean Them

Children are wonderful and curious little people. Loving and caring for them usually includes also cleaning up after them. There are some common messes that children will make, no matter how vigilant you are about keeping at eye on them. It is prudent to think and plan ahead about how to deal with the following […]

I Just Remembered a Funny Story For You

Sometimes it’s a lot of fun to just look back and think about some of the adventures children take us on. In this case, it’s my father-in-law’s adventure, but it’s a good one. He was babysitting the older boys at the time. Well, they weren’t older, as we didn’t have the younger ones yet. They […]

The Towel Saga, Continued

So. A few weeks ago I shared with you the story of the Bathroom Towels that Are Driving Me Batty. Recall? Well, Internets, I have an update. To recap. When our sad story began, the bathroom floor routinely looked like this: Mind you, this is a bathroom used primarily by boys. Who (ahem) don’t always […]

Woman Loses Mind Over Towels on Floor

I’m not a neat freak or a germaphobe. Really. I’m not. But I am someone who finds clutter stressful and order….relaxing. Also? I don’t like the idea of getting sick and throwing up. Especially hate the throwing up part and would rather not thankyouverymuch. Do the boys have these particular issues in life? It’s hard […]

I Declared War Today

One of the perks of being the queen of this castle is the ability to declare war as necessary. Today, I declared war on the messes that the boys have been leaving. Last night after they’d gone to bed I spent a half-hour picking up enough stuff just to walk safely through the house without […]