Six Ways to Teach Your Kids How to Save for Their Futures

Teaching children to think beyond today, sometimes even beyond the “now,” is pretty tough, especially if your children are still young. However, preparing your kids for the future is something all parents must do, even though nearly everything in society promotes instant gratification. If you want your kids to grow up to be great savers […]

How to Teach Your Teenagers about Personal Finances

As your children start reaching their teenage years, one of the most important things you can teach them is the benefit of being smart about money. It’s no secret that the world today requires substantial amounts of money in order to make it. The earlier your children have an understanding of how to manage their […]

6 Ideas for Teaching Children Financial Responsibility

Parents focus on teaching children to be responsible and accountable, but many times financial responsibility is a skill that’s not sufficiently stressed. Money matters are matters that should be discussed at a young age, but its about finding the right way to discuss money that’s important. If you’re looking for fun and effective ways to […]

Five Lessons to Teach Your Teenagers Before Sending Them to College

Going away to college is the first time that many teens will be making financial and life decisions for themselves. Some will find the freedoms that they get from being away at college exhilarating. Others might feel a bit overwhelmed. You can help ease the transition from home to school by teaching them these five […]

The Top 4 Financial Lessons Parents Fail to Teach Their Children

Learning how to treat and manage money is a learned skill that takes time to develop. Learning finances is not a natural and innate ability that we’re born with, but instead is something that must be practiced and taught. Most people struggle with managing their finances due to the examples that they’ve had growing up, […]

Teaching Your Child How to Manage Money: 5 Tips For Budget Wielding Kids

Learning how to manage money effectively is not an innate skill, but one that takes time to learn at an early age to ensure that healthy financial habits are established. By teaching children how to manage money, it will equip them to have a better chance at success. 1. Show Children How to Save One […]