Growing Good Kids: 5 Fun and Educational Ways to Teach Your Children Morals

Taking an active hand in instilling good morals into your children’s lives is a lofty, but sometimes intimidating, goal. Fortunately, there are some key strategies you can employ to bring out the best in your little one. Try these techniques to build strong character with a gentle hand. Like Minded Peers One key strategy is […]

Family Safety in Windows 8 Helps Parents Monitor Their Kids Online

Due to the digitalisation of education system in the modern era, kids have been exposed to computer and online systems. All the study materials, assignments, practice materials and books are available via online modes. These are easily downloaded by the children from the website itself. Since the online world is not limited to the educational […]

5 Tips for Keeping Your Children Protected While You are at Work

Security is a main issue for parents when they leave their children to work or have some alone time. When the child is not old enough to be left home alone, parents worry about their babysitters being the right fit. When the child can be left home alone, they worry about their safety. It’s a […]

Pros and Cons of Using Parental Control Software

With the amount of time kids spend on the internet these days they are bound to run into websites which are unsuitable for their age. Preventing their exposure to inappropriate content on the internet can be done in many different ways. Some service providers give parents an option of filtering internet browsing while some parents […]

Why You Need a Phone Sheriff

If there is one thing that is constant in technology then it is change. This fact is truer for web technologies in the recent years, than for any other technology. Today web technologies have moved from the internet to mobiles and other smart hand held devices. And corresponding with the levels of sophistication in communication […]

Keep Kids Safe Online With OwlyMail

With the proliferation of computer type gadgets and devices, children are using email at younger and younger ages all the time. Ever have a 5-year-old ask you if he/she could have their own email address? That would have been unthinkable just ten years ago. Kids having email. Pshaw! Now however, it’s quite common for youngsters […]