Christian Kids: Raising an Honest and Responsible Child

As a Christian parent, it’s natural to want to raise your kids to respect God, parents, and authority. But raising an honest and responsible kid can be a real challenge in a culture where parents seem to swing between the two extremes of authoritarian and permissive. Here are a few tips that will help you […]

Growing Good Kids: 5 Fun and Educational Ways to Teach Your Children Morals

Taking an active hand in instilling good morals into your children’s lives is a lofty, but sometimes intimidating, goal. Fortunately, there are some key strategies you can employ to bring out the best in your little one. Try these techniques to build strong character with a gentle hand. Like Minded Peers One key strategy is […]

Teach Your Children to be Honest

How many times have you gotten the wrong change back at the store? If it is in your favor do you complain as much as you do when you get short changed? You may not think that your children even notice things like this but you would be surprised how aware they are. My children […]

Six Life Lessons for Kids Before They’re 10

The job of a parent isn’t just to raise children — it is to raise future adults. The early years of childhood are the most formative, and the life lessons kids learn before the age of 10 are the ones most likely to stick with them throughout their lives. Check out these six important life […]

Where the Heart Lives Novel Series Gives Mom a Christian Escape: Give Away!

I was recently given a copy of each of the first 2 books in the Where the Heart Lives novel series by Robin Lee Hatcher. They’re great! I really enjoyed reading them. Because there is just SO much on the ol’ todo list around here, I rarely spend time reading novels. That made this review […]

VeggieTales Lettuce Love One Another DVD Give Away

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, I get to give away a LOVEly copy of VeggieTales’ DVD called Lettuce Love One Another. In true Veggie fashion, Bob and Larry teach big concepts with simple, fun stories that help kids learn about Godly concepts. VeggieTales: Lettuce Love One Another! includes three popular VeggieTales episodes—Tomato Sawyer & […]