Happy Mother’s Day 2016!

Happy Mother’s Day, moms. I know I normally address readers as Heroes, (because if you’re a parent, you are one), but this wish is addressed specifically to moms. Don’t worry dads, I plan to address you next month. So! Happy Mother’s Day. I hope you have a wonderful one. I already got to sleep in […]

It’s Almost Mother’s Day – Do You Remember Those Early Sleepless Nights?

Heroes, Mother’s Day is almost here (and yes, that’s a reminder for some of you. ahem). What are you doing to celebrate Mom? And moms, do you remember what life was like when you had a small baby? Oh, those nights! I’ll tell you a story about that shortly. But first: The good folks at […]

Happy Mother’s Day!

My boys helped make this video. It made me cry.

A Note to my Sons: How to Spoil Your Mom on Mother’s Day

Dear Sons, As we approach the annual holiday known in the US as “Mother’s Day” I thought I would take a few minutes to reflect on the importance of the day (and the benefits you can reap if you celebrate it…properly). According to Wikipedia, Mother’s Day is a holiday meant to celebrate mothers and motherhood.  […]

Celebrate Mother’s Day: Win a Deluxe copy of Pat the Bunny

Happy Mother’s Day, Heroes! Yes, you. I call you a hero because you are one. No, not the mother behind you. You. You gave birth to that child. Or perhaps you opened your home to one (or more!). You make sure the needs are met. You make sure the child is loved. That makes you […]

How to Choose the Best Mother’s Day Gift

Okay, I admit to having a bit of an ulterior motive publishing this infographic. After all, I am a mom looking forward to some loving this Sunday on Mother’s Day. In all fairness though, I’m really expecting the 9 year olds to make me breakfast in bed. Hubby has already been instructed to get them […]