And Now the Piano is Dusty: Positive Ways to Motivate Kids to Practice

The thrill is gone. That shiny new trumpet hasn’t been out of its case for almost three weeks now. It is a common phenomenon amongst young musicians. The excitement of producing their very own sound soon fades as daily practice becomes grueling and the student violin continues to shriek and whine. But coming up with […]

Online Music Lessons Make Great After School Activities for Kids

The back-to-school season is coming to a close, but parents are still looking for extracurricular activities to fill their children’s free time. Music lessons are among the most common activities for kids, but can leave your wallet feeling a bit light. There are, however, inexpensive alternatives that are just as effective at teaching children a […]

Piano Lessons

I started taking piano lessons when I was in the first grade, and intended to start the older boys fairly young as well. As it turned out, the activities we had were enough and I didn’t get started on piano. Last year, things were going better so I thought it was time to start tickling […]