FFYF: Relaxing Day Edition

Heroes, I’ve re-learned an important lesson today. Naps are a good thing. After an exhausting week I indulged in a wonderful nap today. Blissful. Fantastic. And only interrupted about 17 times. But we don’t need to focus on that part. Just getting some much needed rest was wonderful and refreshing. This week’s edition is a […]

The Schedule That Seems to be Working

I’m writing this at 4:30 in the afternoon, with school just finished about ten minutes ago. The morning went beautifully. We all got up around 8, had some playtime and ate breakfast and started school a bit after 9. The younger boys were done by ten, and the older ones and I spent an hour […]


Another giggle from 2006: I had just stepped away from the ‘puter after reading several e-mails and I stretched and said “whoo!” kind as a whoop sort of thing. I was trying to pump up a little energy to get moving, as boys were still in jammies and finishing breakfast. I called one of the […]