Outsmarting the Dealer: 5 Things a Car Salesman Will Not Point Out to You

Although it is a stereotype, it is true that most mothers aren’t in charge of buying a car for the family. Men tend to know more about cars, pricing, and how to negotiate. Again, this is a generalization, but something that many families experience. However, not every family is the same, and sometimes it is […]

What Makes a Car Safe? 5 Things to Consider When Buying Your Next Family Car

When you are buying a family car, one of the most important considerations has to be safety. As the head of a family, it is your job to keep your loved ones safe. While no one likes to think about it, driving is an activity that can turn deadly in an instant. Therefore, you need […]

5 Tips For Purchasing Your Teen’s First Car

Turning the age it is finally legal to drive is an amazing feeling for any teen. When purchasing a car as a parent of that teen, there are a couple things that should be considered to find that perfect car. With a few simple tips, car shopping can be a great experience for both teen […]

I Gotta Admit: I’m Dreading Having Teen Drivers

The older boys will be 15 next May. According to the laws here in Michigan, they’re able to start taking driver’s training classes when they’re 14 years, 9 months old. That’d be in February. In Michigan. No. Stinkin’. Way. We’ve already told them that they’ll have to wait until closer to spring, because driving in […]