The Gift Of Parenting: Five Major Benefits of Adopting Children

When a couple first learns that they cannot have children of their own, the news can be emotionally devastating. However, there is a future beyond infertility. Adoption is not only a way to make couples’ dreams of having a family come true but also a choice that has long-lasting benefits for everyone involved. Adoption is […]

Climate Change: What to Expect When Moving Away From Mild Temperatures

Moving from a mild climate to one with the familiar four defined seasons offers some challenges you probably aren’t aware even exist. A few extra actions to maintain your home and health will ensure you continue to enjoy your new home and climate. Take the Heat Summer won’t surprise most people who move from mild […]

Helping An Abused Child

I was an abused child. Let’s just get that out of the way. While I am not saying you have to be abused to understand how to help an abused child, it does help to have a better grasp of what abuse feels like and the damage it can do. Abuse takes many forms. It […]