How To Make Your Children Feel More at Ease in Your New Home

A new house is always something to cherish. It brings in a sense of achievement for the owner, and is a mark of his or her pride. Everyone desires to own a house and it is the biggest investment that one makes in life. Each human being is an emotional creature. He or she can […]

Bored Kids? Help Them Find a New Hobby Through Tutoring

Your kids can be human tornadoes: they run all over the house, jump on the bed, squeal, don’t listen to you, and fling food and other toy objects everywhere. This can leave your house in ruins, but it can also shatter any sort of patience you once had. If the human tornado is a daily […]

Homeschooling Steps Toward Success: Taking Small Risks

Okay. As of today, the boys and I are still at home doing school. We don’t have everything solved, but I think we made a good decision or two last week. There are multiple issues: scheduling, responsibility, and the whole unwillingness to leave the house or try new things thing. I’ve talked to the boys […]

The Big Day

I mentioned in the Respecting Boundaries post that a little over 2 years ago our cat Callie passed away. Callie was 17 years old, completely blind and deaf by the end. The boys were roughly 4 and 8 at the time. Callie was more my pet than theirs, simply because I’d had her since she […]

You May Now Call Me a Mother Hen

Apparently our little chickies are operating on a different calendar than me. Based on when we put the eggs into the incubator, they should have hatched last Thursday. Allowing for 2 days beyond that, Saturday was the last day that we could consider them viable and expect any babies. I had completely given up and […]