Bored Kids? Help Them Find a New Hobby Through Tutoring

Your kids can be human tornadoes: they run all over the house, jump on the bed, squeal, don’t listen to you, and fling food and other toy objects everywhere. This can leave your house in ruins, but it can also shatter any sort of patience you once had. If the human tornado is a daily […]

The Books We Carry

Like most, I vagabonded in my early twenties. Though I did not move from town to town or from exotic country to exotic country as I wished, I frequently swapped apartments. Always hunting down a better space with nicer floor, pet policy, or that coveted dishwasher–I trucked my belongings between buildings myself with the extra […]

Unexpecting Novel by Lori Verni-Fogarsi is Vivid, Touching

Heroes, I read a novel. This has been happening a bit more often, which is pretty nice! I usually stick to online reading, sale bills, magazines, and catalogs because I just don’t have time for more. When an author suggests I review their novel, I kind of like the idea that I HAVE to do […]

Where the Heart Lives Novel Series Gives Mom a Christian Escape: Give Away!

I was recently given a copy of each of the first 2 books in the Where the Heart Lives novel series by Robin Lee Hatcher. They’re great! I really enjoyed reading them. Because there is just SO much on the ol’ todo list around here, I rarely spend time reading novels. That made this review […]

In His Stead – The True Love of a Father

In His Stead, a book written by Judith Sanders, is a story about a former soldier who’s lost one son to war and is facing another son’s deployment. Rather than let his child go into harm’s way, Thomas Lane chooses to go in his place. His actions are based on a Civil War-era law that […]