Building A Better Student: The Textured Life

A good friend of mine is all about texture. Where my eye is blind to the subtle shades within designs, she’s able to spot an interesting layer or pattern that adds depth and fullness. It’s a talent that I envy. But it occurs to me that texture shouldn’t be confined to clothes or wall furnishings. […]

Applying Just Enough Pressure

I think one of the MOST difficult aspects of parenting (for me at least) is knowing how and when to set limits. Just like the piano battles I mentioned the other day…there are also other areas in which I find conflict with the boys. It’s always been very important to me to create an environment […]

A Strategy for Reducing Christmas Stress

My weekly post is up at ForeverParenting.  My kids often get overwhelmed at Christmas with all the gifts. After a day of opening presents showered upon them by loving family members, and they tend to get mighty cranky. Then the novelty addiction kicks in, and suddenly everything they have must be new new new or […]