A Special Touch: Inspiring DIY Projects that Make your Nursery Shine

When it comes time to decorate your nursery, adding some personal touches can help make it feel like a part of your home. If you want to add some flair to your new nursery, here are some creative DIY projects that will help you welcome your little one with inspiration from unlikely objects. An Accent […]

How to DIY Like a Boss: Getting Your Nursery Picture Perfect

Welcoming a new baby into your lives can be an exciting and even intimidating experience, and you may be doing everything you can to prepare your home for your new bundle of joy. If you are like many parents, you are spending a considerable amount of time and energy focusing on preparing the baby’s room […]

Tips for Creating Good Feng Shui in a Baby’s Room

As you probably already know, the story behind the whole Feng Shui interior arrangement is a story about the energy flow. In order for one’s life to be in harmony, the energy around them and though them needs to flow freely. Also, some of the things can be fixed and boosted if the energy is […]

How to Quickly Transform Your Spare Room into a Nursery

When a baby is on the way, it is easy for new parents to quickly get overwhelmed with all that needs to be done. Whether it’s baby-proofing the home or reading all the books on what to expect, one area that doesn’t need to take you a lot of time is getting that spare room […]

5 Playroom Hazards to Look Out For

As good parents, we all have an objective to shield our children from harm. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always make it easy for us to stop every mishap before it happens. Still, we should stay vigilant for potential risks, especially in our homes. Although you might believe your home is the safest place for your family, […]

5 Things to Consider when Decorating a Nursery for Twins

So, you are expecting not just one bundle of joy, but two…congratulations! It’s always an exciting time to be expecting a child, and now it’s double the excitement, right? And the anticipation is coupled with a little anxiety when it comes to preparing for two. One of the most exciting things to prepare is the […]