Why You Should Monitor Your Child’s Computer

As your children get older, the question will arise about introducing them to using a computer. The opinion of what age you think is appropriate will of course vary from parent to parent and there’s never a right answer. There will also be the question of what to introduce your children to. Some will think […]

4 Vital Tips for Protecting Teens’ Online Privacy

(Editor’s note: please welcome Leslie’s advice for protecting the privacy of our children online. Thanks, Leslie!) You never know who is watching you on the Web Teenagers all over the globe use the Internet everyday to chat with friends, upload pictures to Facebook, share videos on YouTube, tweet their every movement and even check in […]

MamaMemoirs Helps Organize Pregnancy Memories

One of the great companies I met at BlissDom11 was MamaMemoirs. This is an online pregnancy journal that is easy to use. I know I struggled with keeping all the details of my pregnancies organized. Being that I’m not an avid scrapbooker, many of those details exist only in my very foggy memory. If I’d […]

Counseling Your Children: Online Degrees

(Editor’s note: This is a post written by Maria Rainier, sharing EXCELLENT advice for anyone considering online college degrees. Please read and comment!) Counseling your children on choosing an online degree College can be an exciting time for first-time students and parents alike: The applications, the expectation and thrill of getting news of acceptance, packing […]