How to Get Your Kids to Go Outside and Play: Benefits of Home Playground Equipment

Especially for families growing up in urban environments, finding a safe space to play outside and get a healthy amount of exercise is not always so easy. Most parents want their kids to stay in safe, enclosed areas where they can keep their eyes on their kids while still allowing them to explore new territory, […]

Five Awesome Ideas for Bringing the Outdoors Into Your Home During Winter

Cabin fever can set in pretty quickly during a cold, snowy winter. Ease the pain of being stuck in the house by bringing the outside into your house. While you more than likely will not want to open your windows and doors, there are still plenty of ways to bring the beauty and freshness of […]

The Benefits of Outdoor Study

The stereotypical image in most people’s heads when it comes to studying is children sitting at a desk in a silent room, working their way through piles of reading material or staring begrudgingly at a computer screen. This doesn’t have to be the case, and indeed there are arguments that suggest that children study better […]