I Got the Papers Done!

I did it! I conquered the mountain of paper waiting for me by my desk! It’s awesome. Of course, now I have to pay some bills and do other work. But at least the giant pile of junk mail isn’t sitting there staring at me. Making me feel guilty. Now it’s just a small basket […]

Paper is Evil: Dealing with Mail

Paper comes at us from all directions, doesn’t it? I know I’ve had my share of piles over the years. Okay, to be honest I still have piles. One to file, and one to go through (crazy mail carrier! Keeps bringing me more paper.) Here are some strategies to help keep that tiger under control. […]

6 Tips to Help Finish a Todo List

I’ve been working like a crazy woman on my todo list this summer.  It’s pretty big, including building a block retaining wall around a flowerbed that’s about 65 feet long, hauling in about 30 yards of mulch, replacing the stairs going down to the basement, and more.  Okay, the stairs thing is Hubby’s job – […]