Monday Giveaway Linky: Painted Hands Edition

Good Monday, Heroes! I type to you right now with all sorts of interesting black splotches on my hands. Splotches that will, most likely, stay on my hands for a week or more. It’s a longish story. See, my brother-in-law came to visit from Florida. He flew into the city closest to us, so Hubby […]

Redecorate! How to Cater to Your Kid’s Changing Interests

Redecorating a child’s room is often a necessary process as they grow older. Not only is it nice to give the room a fresh look, but kids often develop different interests when they approach their teen years. Here are a few DIY, and affordable ideas for redecorating a kid’s room to suit their changing interests. […]

Five Messes your Kids Might Make and How to Clean Them

Children are wonderful and curious little people. Loving and caring for them usually includes also cleaning up after them. There are some common messes that children will make, no matter how vigilant you are about keeping at eye on them. It is prudent to think and plan ahead about how to deal with the following […]

Tips on Creating a Child’s Bedroom that Will Last for Years

As a parent, when you create or design a bedroom for your younger child you assume that within a relatively short period of time, you’ll need to redecorate. Kids grow up quickly these days, and the bedroom that seems so perfect for them today may be completely unsuitable for them in a couple of years. […]

How to Get Your Kids Involved in Home DIY Projects

Most kids would rather do anything except help out around the house; however, if kids are involved in household projects, they will learn great life skills, and these skills can be taken with them as they enter adulthood. Furthermore, when kids are able to engage in DIY projects, they can be extremely helpful. Whether the […]