Smartphone Use: Parents and Kids Have Much in Common

Even though the older boys are 14, they’ve had rather an adolescent…horror of having anything in common with good ol’ mom and dad for years. So I regard the following infographic about smartphone use with some amusement. Turns out kids and adults can have behaviors in common after all. Brought to you by: Earnest […]

Heroes In Parenting:
An Initiative is Revived

Longtime readers will remember that HIP program that I undertook in 2009. HIP stands for Heroes In Parenting. With all the depressing news that surrounds us, I really felt the need to highlight people who are doing good things with their kids. Here we are 2 years later, and we’re still surrounded by some pretty […]

I’m Not Raising Bottom-Dwellers

There’s a conversation I have with the boys….often. The nutshell version: boys claim to be overworked and underpaid. I laugh in their faces. They’re unhappy, they complain about how difficult life is. I laugh some more and insist they do whatever task is before them. Sometimes I get frustrated. Okay well, frequently I get frustrated […]