I’ve Always Wanted to be the Fun Mom

Full disclosure, Heroes: I am a diehard workaholic. It’s not that I don’t know how to relax (who doesn’t LOVE an amazing nap with snuggly dogs??!?). I do. But I don’t always score big points in the fun department. Mainly because I really love to stay home. I was thinking yesterday that should there be […]

Birthday Party Do’s And Dont’s: Stress Free Party Planning for Parents

Planning your child’s birthday party does not have to be overwhelming and stressful. In fact, stress is a result of pressure you place on yourself to do more than what’s needed, or wanted by your child! This is especially the case when it’s for a child who’s 3 or under. Believe it or not, parents […]

Mardi Gras Celebration – Throw a Kid-Friendly Party That Everyone Can Enjoy

Who doesn’t love an opulent Mardi Gras celebration? Celebrated around the world, this amazing bash is a great opportunity for people of all ages to dress up in their most outrageous costumes and have a great time. Mardi gras parties are all about dancing, sports competitions, social conventions, and parades. This time of the year […]

Six Tips That Will Keep You Sane While Planning a Child’s Party

Kid’s parties are notoriously daunting. Entertaining a rowdy group of children for a long period of time is no easy project. From planning activities that all the children will enjoy, to clean up duty, there is much work to be done. When preparing a party, there are things you can plan for that will make […]

Five Ways to Make Game Night the Most Enjoyable

Getting your family or a group of friends together on game night is a tradition shared by many people. Some gatherings are forgettable or uncomfortable because no thought was put into the night. A great game night requires a little planning. There are five ways to make game night as enjoyable as possible. 1. Make […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Kids’ Birthday Parties

A little planning goes a long way! Indeed a true saying in case of organizing kids birthday party. Birthday parties are a fun milestone for a child. Having all the friends together share this special day is something to look forward to all year around. From parties enthused by sprinkles, strawberries and lemonade for girls […]