Say Cheese: Tips for Taking Family Photos You’ll be Proud to Display

In the age of instant gratification and viral images on the Internet, everyone has probably had the pleasure of seeing disastrous family photos posted on social media sites. It seems to happen on a daily basis; you log on to your favorite social media site and someone has tagged a friend’s terrible family photo or […]

5 Principals for Being a Better Parent to Your Teen Driver

Editor’s note: Back when the boys were very small, I informed Hubby that he was going to have to take sole responsibility for working with the boys during their driving education, because I was just too much of a control freak to do it right. The good news is I’ve grown enough in the intervening […]

5 Steps to Helping Your Child Overcome Their Fear of Spiders

It is heartbreaking for parents when they have to watch their children struggle with fear. One of the most common fears that children suffer from is the fear of spiders. This fear can be overwhelming for some children, making them have nightmares and lose sleep. If a fear of spiders is overwhelming your child, then […]

An Accident Waiting to Happen: 5 Potty Training Tips for You

When you have the feeling your baby is growing up, you can see the signs. Bigger clothes, shoes, new interests and of course getting ready to take off their own diapers. Potty training is part of growing up, and parents should be prepared for the ups and downs of potty training their children. Below are […]

Why French Kids Don’t Throw Tantrums: 4 Parenting Tips from France

If you have small kids under the age of seven, you likely avoid taking them out to restaurants like the plague. After all, what parent wants to put up with the embarrassment of having their little bundles of joy wreak havoc, running around, screaming, playing with their food, to the disgust and disapproval of the […]

Hero In Parenting: City Chic On A Farm

One of the great things about the Heroes In Parenting program is highlighting heroes, and I’m super proud of today’s nominee: Sherry Martz. (She has no idea that I’m putting her up for this. Heh, heh, heh.) I met Sherry a couple of years ago at a conference and we recently went to the BlissDom […]