A Short Pause Due To Technical Difficulties

Hello, friends! Due to a truly spectacular computer crash (new laptop has now decided that the version of Windows it came with is invalid) I do not have access to my email from the last 2 days. Not to worry, the problem is being worked on as I type and I hope to be up […]

Sometimes it Helps to Sigh Deeply

8:00 am – two little boys climbed into my bed for snuggle time. Fell asleep. 8:30 am – Announced that we really had to get moving and have breakfast because today is Tuesday and that means morning piano lessons. 9:00 am – Asked The Manager and Captain Earthquake to get out their printing books and […]

One Of Those Moments

Hey, I’ve got a happy thought for you, Internets! Today in grammar the older boys were asked to recite a list of prepositions that we’d all memorized a while back. Since none of us had looked at it in weeks, I suggested taking some time to review individually. TechnoBoy got a little upset by the […]

Visiting Grandpa

Caregivers are heroes. I just spent several days with my grandfather and his wife. Her name’s Anne. She’s my grandmother by marriage, so I’ve always called her by her first name. No disrespect has ever been intended…it’s just that I remember my biological grandma, and Anne has just always been Anne to me. I didn’t […]