How to Create an Organized House to be Envied

A clean, organized home is a fantastic place to live. What’s more is that a home that has that fresh, immaculate atmosphere is undoubtedly noticeable to anyone that walks through the door. Those that struggle with keeping their home tidy and well-organized will almost always respect and envy those that seem to have an effortless […]

Lessons Learned…Again

I’ve been learning old lessons lately. Seems like I’d learn them and move on to new mistakes in life but nooooooo. Not me. By the time we arrived at life in the Earnest Parenting household last week Friday I was completely fried. The stress of several situations had taken over. Have you ever felt like […]

Calm in the Storm

I’ve been feeling weighted down quite a bit lately, Internets. I’ve all sorts of things to tell you and thoughts to share, but I look at the latest headlines and get distracted and start reading and then I get a bit stressed. Anyone else feeling that way? ‘Cause phew! It’s crazy out there. This isn’t […]

Bring The Rain

We all have those moments in life where reality pierces our hearts. I had a moment like that yesterday. Okay….well…I had an afternoon like that yesterday. Heather from OhMyStinkinHeck linked through to a post from Angie Smith, which is a blog written by Angie Smith. (Note: Angie used to write at a blog called Bring […]

Facing a Parting, The Update

The only predictable thing about kids is they’re unpredictable. We had a kids’ craft event at church yesterday afternoon, and my friend D was there.  You know, the one who’s leaving.  It was super hard watching her talk to a few of the other ladies, saying some goodbyes and crying a bit in the process.  […]