Child Planning: 5 Decisions to Make Before You Have Your First

The decision to have a child is the biggest decision that a couple will make. Here are five important things to consider before you bring home your bundle of joy. Parenting Style An online search or bookstore shelf read will show you quickly how many different parenting styles are out there. Parenting, like relationships of […]

How To Be Happy, Part One

TechnoBoy and I were talking about happiness the other day, and he made an interesting comment to the effect of, “If I were born a prince, then my life would be perfect.” I disagreed, explaining that while there are advantages to being a prince such as being wealthy, having people who will clean your room […]

When Your Parenting Gets Off-Track: Go Back to the Basics

I’ve been corresponding with a friend about difficult children and found myself digging out the Love and Logic book yesterday only to realize that I have really gotten away from some important principals: Parenting can be a joy Anger short-circuits learning Actions speak louder than words Repeated warnings are really just laziness and lack of […]