Suggestions of Cell Phones for Kids

When you think of buying a cell phone for your kid, ask yourself a question what it will be used for. If the main purpose is communication, then it is probably the high time to buy one for your child, nevertheless, there are some restrictions to be made at any age. When children reach 10 […]

How to Find the Safest Technology for Your Kids

Keeping your kids safe with the newest technology isn’t always easy. For some reason they seem to learn about the details of the technology more quickly and thoroughly than adults do. They can figure out how to use the technology for mischief if you’re not careful about the technology you give to them. Television plans […]

Get Help Quickly With 5Star Urgent Response

If you’re my age (cough-42-cough) then you remember a time when the only way to reach home was to find a pay phone. The advent of cellular phones over the past 20 years has really changed all that, and it often leads me to wonder: how DID my mother stand not knowing where I was?? […]