Prom Perfection: Make A Night You’ll Remember Forever

Editor’s note: as a parent who hasn’t gone through sending children to Prom yet, I feel compelled to say that while of course making memories are important, so is staying out of debt. If you can’t pay cash (or better yet, have your teen contribute some dollars) for an extravaganza, don’t make it so big. […]

3 Uncommon Financial Safety Nets for Family-Oriented Workers

You might have heard the familiar lecture from a parent or grandparent; the one where your elderly relative talks about how they worked a consistent nine-to-five for forty years and retired with full benefits, fueled only by their determination and solid work ethic. To them, it can seem baffling why someone could be unemployed unless […]

Five Things to Discuss With Your Partner Before Starting a Family

Families are forever, so be smart about how you begin yours. No one truly realizes how starting a family will affect their lives until it happens, but it is a good idea to enter parenthood with your eyes wide open. Here are five topics you need to discuss with your partner before starting a family. […]

Birthday Party Do’s And Dont’s: Stress Free Party Planning for Parents

Planning your child’s birthday party does not have to be overwhelming and stressful. In fact, stress is a result of pressure you place on yourself to do more than what’s needed, or wanted by your child! This is especially the case when it’s for a child who’s 3 or under. Believe it or not, parents […]

Four Ways to Get Your Kids Excited about Moving

For children and adults, the idea of moving to another house, city or rural area involves an element of excitement, maybe a little fear and uncertainty and some moments of sadness. For your kids, the emotion that you hope dominates is excitement and enthusiasm for the changing circumstances. There are several things you can do […]

Six Tips That Will Keep You Sane While Planning a Child’s Party

Kid’s parties are notoriously daunting. Entertaining a rowdy group of children for a long period of time is no easy project. From planning activities that all the children will enjoy, to clean up duty, there is much work to be done. When preparing a party, there are things you can plan for that will make […]