Six Benefits Of PSAT and SAT Preparatory Courses For Your High School Student

The SAT and PSAT standardized tests can create a substantial amount of stress in the lives of both high school students and their parents. People often become frozen when facing the fact that these tests play a big part in determining their educational future. Given the importance of these tests and the weight that they […]

4 Tips for Getting Your Child Ready for Their First Dentist Visit

Maintaining your child’s health requires regular visits to the dentist for cleanings. It is recommended that cleanings take place very six months. The first hurdle, however, is to get your child over their fear before they see the dentist for the first time. Many children often fear the dentist as they are unsure of what […]

10 Tips to Prepare for Christmas in Advance

Preparing for Christmas can be a stressful and overwhelming process, especially if there are multiple parties, family dinners or children involved. Thankfully, the whole preparation process can be much easier if you plan ahead of time. Here are 10 tips to prepare for Christmas in advance. 1. Start Saving in the Summer Christmas is expensive, […]

Study Shows Only 25% of Students are Ready for College

Chances are you’ve taken or at least heard of the ACT: a test most colleges expect high school students to take. ACT test scores can indicate whether a student is likely to earn a certain grade in first-year college courses. According to a study they published recently, only 25% of students who take the test […]