4 Goals to Set with Your Daughter Before College

Entering college is an exciting and a stressful time for your daughter. She gets to live on her own, make big financial decisions, and start working toward the life she has always dreamed about. You can help put your college-bound daughter on the path to success by sitting down and helping her set goals. Take […]

Kids Sports Injuries are on The Rise: How to Teach Your Kid Sports Safety

The number of children suffering an injury while playing a sport is on the rise. The good news is that sports injuries can be prevented by taking a few precautions. Below are some tips that will keep your children safe while they are playing sports: Use the Proper Equipment It is essential for children to […]

Building A Better Student: Lessons From a Moth

I stood before a large assembly of seventh and eighth grade students, talking about preparing for the future. Normally this would cause a twelve-year-old to yawn and yearn to pull out her phone, but on this day a somewhat-perky student raised her hand and asked about the importance of deciding on a career at an […]

Simple Ideas to Welcome and Celebrate Life with Your Adopted Child

After the long and tedious but successful adoption process, you are now very excited and ready to embrace and experience what it is like to become parents and face the many challenges of parenthood. Having a child, whether it is through normal birth or adoption, is a special event that requires grand and memorable celebration. […]

Back to Basics: Things First Time Parents Should Prepare For

Being parents for the first time is certainly exciting. You’ll soon have a little bundle of joy to brighten your home, but the waiting period can be stressful. Going back to the basics and understanding what you should be prepared for can help relieve that stress and prepare you to enjoy this beautiful experience. The […]

Forge Intimacy: Tips on Taking a Long, Adventurous Family Drive

When both husband and wife have careers that demand protracted schedules, the children will most likely to suffer, and eventually become detached. While the couple tries to build rapport with those surrounding them at work, they are creating a rift in their relationship with the kids. Therefore, it is essential for working parents to learn […]