How to Prepare Your Children for Life: It’s a Big Wide World Out There

Insurance may be something only ‘adults’ understand and appreciate. After all, children have more pressing concerns such as school, their social lives, and the growing pains of adolescence. But it is also important to teach children the value of insurance early on so they could appreciate how it could help them when they are of […]

5 Preparedness Tips Your Family Can Always Use

Recent history has told us that a number of emergency situations may occur that can endanger populations in cities and in rural areas anywhere in the country. Being ready for these situations requires careful research and advance planning to ensure that you and your loved ones can withstand any hazardous occurrence. These five tips will […]

New Driver in the Family? What You Need to Know Before Letting Them Hit the Road

For some time now, you have been a little bit worried about your teenager getting a license. Well, the moment has finally come when he or she is ready to go out on the road alone. What are some things you need to take care of before turning over the car keys? Car Insurance In […]

Building a Better Student: The College Question

A friend of mine has a son who dutifully sent off college applications and was accepted by two of them. He then promptly announced that he really didn’t want to go to college. His father’s response: “You will go, like it or not.” In my opinion, you could easily swap the father’s words to: “I […]

EmergencyLink Announces New Facebook App, Give Away

I told you about EmergencyLink in a post last year, and I learned from them a couple of weeks ago that they have added a new Facebook app. It’s even easier than ever to manage medical details in an emergency! To recap, EmergencyLink is a service that will call emergency contacts and relay critical medical […]

eFoodsDirect Storable Meals are…Delicious!

Folks who see me in person regularly know that I’m rather a…picky eater. There, I said it. My good friend from Hong Kong with whom I chat daily often laughs at my “ewwwwwww!” response to various foods he eats. Because ewwww. Yucky. I don’t like seafood of any kind, am not highly fond of mushrooms, […]