Always be Vigilant with Prescription Meds: Lock them Up

Heroes, one of the scariest things that can happen to our children is drug addiction. What we often fail to realize is that having unsecured prescriptions around the house can be a dangerous practice. More and more children are abusing prescriptions every day. It’s common for them to think that the medicines aren’t dangerous; if […]

Protect Your Children from Prescription Drug Abuse With DEA Take Back Day

Have you ever heard of a DEA Take Back Day? If you have unused prescription drugs in your home (and so many of us do), you can turn in those prescriptions at approved locations. Medicines will be collected with no questions asked and then disposed of properly. If you miss the collection day, it’s still […]

Pills are Not for Preschoolers – A Review

I got to read Pills are Not for Preschoolers: A Drug-Free Approach for Troubled Kids by Marilyn Wedge this summer and WOW. Love it. A quote by Publisher’s Weekly on the cover says “Wedge proves that the road to a child’s healing can often be successfully navigated without the use of labels and potentially harmful […]

Be Careful With that ADHD Diagnosis

ADD, ADHD…today these terms get thrown around like synonyms and like candy. Everyone has it, or knows someone who has it or who thought they had it but don’t anymore. Are therapists leaning too heavily on this diagnosis when they don’t know what else to say? Are they misdiagnosing because it’s an easy and vague […]